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Aug 28 to Sept 2, 2011
A Certificate Program at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

Somatic Psychology and the Energetic Dimension of the Body


Every imbalance or distortion leaves a trace in the energy field, impacts the brain and finally plays out in the physical body and its psychology. Working in the domain of somatic psychology we become aware of and clinically utilize the mindful-energy dimension of the body in the therapy process.

Learn about the connection between the physical body and the energy field along with its application in the clinical setting. You will learn about the subtle body, special meditations and exercises of Biosynthesis to provide self and/or the client with possibilities of strengthening self-healing capacities. Other somatic psychology aspects that will be focused on are; breathing, grounding, facing, mindfulness, body-awareness, and the body as gateway to presence. Become an empathic-presence, acquire introspective awareness and somatic mindfulness. Study the body energy dimension and explore therapy phase specific interventions. Cultivate the deep felt sense of the body to support a process of expansion instead of contraction. The perception and utilization of subtle experiences is supported through a specific set of strategies to manage the energy dimension of the body in ways that enhance individual development.

The focus of this series is on recent developments in the practice and application of somatic psychology and psychotherapy. This course is part of the Relational Somatic Psychology Certificate Program presented by the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute at Esalen. (Course is not related to tapping points or the field of “Energy Psychology” in general.)
 This particular program, primarily based on the approach of Biosynthesis, is designed for verbal psychotherapists who want to integrate direct or indirect work with the body into their clinical practice and for body psychotherapists who want to refine their current approach. We use understanding from Biosynthesis to study the ebb and flow of body energy and draw important connections between psychology, mindfulness, personal and clinical practice.

Faculty: Gabriele Hoppe, MA, JoAnna Chartrand and Dyrian Benz, PsyD.
Energy is Eternal Delight.
William Blake

This program can be taken as part of the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute Embodied Psychotherapy Certificate Program in Relational Somatic Psychology as well as for the Biosynthesis Certification Program, also for the International Institute for Biosynthesis, IIBS Switzerland

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