Stefanie Schlott

+49 1717535527

Biosynthesis Diploma Candidate(Santa Barbara, California)

Energetic Healing Practitioner

       -Energy Medicine
       -Meridian Tapping

Areas of Interest and Study:
In addition to my Biosynthesis Training in Santa Barbara, I study Biosynthesis in Switzerland, and will graduate in December 2009.

I am an Assistant to Teacher/Trainer Gabriele Hoppe on several occassions over the past two years in Energy Medicine and Biosynthesis classes, as well as supervising Peer Group sessions.

In 2003, I began practicing Energy Medicine, taking classes with Gabriel Stux and Gabriele Hoppe, and have taken advantage of opportunities presented to practice in both Germany and Hawaii since that time.

I have completed Level II Reiki Training, taking classes in Germany, as well as in Santa Barbara with Energy Medicine Practitioner Lillian Kurosaka.

I am also working in the field of Sound and Movement, Flower Essences, as well as Angel, Master and Earth Essences (Lichtwesen).

In addition I work as an Interior Designer;  I help people decorate the space within their homes, focusing on creating a healing environment which supports the whole person, and provides a place for nourishment, nurturing and restoration.