Recognition of the Training in Biosynthesis

The training in Biosynthesis – somatic and -psychodynamic oriented psychotherapy at the Biosynthesis Institute is recognized by the Swiss Charter for Psychotherapy SCP.
The Training fulfills also the requirements of an Advanced Training for Specialists in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy FMH as well as for Psychosomatic and Psychosocial Medicine APPM.
In Brussels in October 1998, Biosynthesis was the first body-psychotherapy method to receive scientific recognition from the European Association for Psychotherapy EAP.
With the Diploma in Biosynthesis and the affiliation to the International Foundation for Biosynthesis IFB graduates can receive the European Certificate for Psychotherapy ECP, as well as the Certificate of the World Council of Psychotherapy WCP.
The Biosynthesis Institute of Santa Barbara is associated with

IIBS International Institute for Biosynthesis

IFB International Foundation for Biosynthesis

EAP Europian Association for Psychotherapy

EABS European Association for Biosynthesis

OABS Overseas Association for Biosynthesis

USABP United States Association of Body Psychotherapy