Foundation Training First Year

Unit 1 and 2 Foundation and Grounding
will emphasize the root chakra and the spine as the basis of autonomy, as well as the difference between over-grounded and under-grounded character tendencies. A main theme is the understanding of the motoric fields as patterns of developmental movement and expressive gesture. Major teaching themes are holding patterns in the body, polarity tendencies in the body and impulse qualities in movement.
“How do I get there?”

Unit 3 Centering
will emphasize the hara chakra and the pre- and perinatal aspects of experience, womb life and birthing process. Breathing patterns, hyper- and hypoventilation, the polarity between containment and release as well as the embryological layers will be presented.
“Who am I?

Unit 4 Holding and Bonding
will emphasize the first year of life, principles of personal boundaries, healthy needs and patterns of addiction. Biosynthesis principles of the elements of touch as a form of healthy nourishment are taught.
“Whom and what can I trust? How can I improve my contacts“

Foundation Training Second and Third Year

Unit 5 Bounding

will emphasize the solar chakra, aspects of territory and conflict of territorial boundaries are taught. Principles how to encourage verbal and non-verbal aims of contact are taught.
“What and where are my boundaries and how can I approach conflict in a constructive way?”

Unit 6 Charging
will emphasize the heart chakra, Biosynthesis principles offer opportunities how to release personal energy from static or stagnant situations, to arouse vitality and creativity.
“Where and what are my sources of strength, and how can I improve the uptake, circulation and output of my energy?”

Unit 7 Sounding
will emphasize the throat chakra, principles of connecting our language to our depth of experience and the ability to listen empathically. Recognize the source of disconnect and discover what style of language is useful to help the client to integrate thinking, feeling and doing aspects.
“How do I communicate?”

Unit 8 Facing
will emphasize the third eye chakra, the interaction between internal and external goals. Somatic meditations to support the client in creativity, inspiring and vision will be experienced. Therapeutic tools to integrate inner and outer dialogue will be shown.
“How can I turn my dreams into reality?”

Unit 9 Valuing
will emphasize the crown chakra, finding and deepening therapeutic skills and competence. The principles and applications of the hexagram of Biosynthesis for therapeutic settings, possibilities of integrating the essence into the life fields of the client will be presented.
“What values do I have and how can I behave ethically?”